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about the rigging shop
about the rigging shop

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about the rigging shop TRS SERVICE
  • Rig inspection
    • Annual inspection
    • 4 year service
    • 8 year service
  • rig tuning
  • Swaging and pressing of wires & rod coldheading…
  • Coldheading Rod Rigging from -004 to -540 ( Ø 50.8mm)
  • Wire Swaging up to Ø 28mm
  • Nicro Press up to Ø 16mm

The Rigging Shop offers several options for your standing rigging, including Nitronic 50 Rod rigging, rigid & semi rigid wire rigging, Dyform wires, PBO, Carbon and Aramid. We supply what’s needed through our long-standing relationships with all the leading manufacturers. The Rigging Shop takes care of the supply and installation, inspection, service and maintenance of the spar and rigging.

Rigging Inspections

Annual Service
Our Annual service comprises a complete “mast-in” check by an experienced rigger who visually inspects all aspects of the rig from top to bottom. Particular attention is given to areas such as sheaves, pins, spreader roots and tips, backstay(s), forestay(s) and runner tangs as well as all the running rigging and the systems that operate the lines and sails.

This is the type of inspection that should be done on all vessels after any major voyage or at least once a year regardless of age or usage. The results of the inspection will be given in writing, including explanatory photos of any problems found.

  • complete mast-in check
  • sheaves, pins, spreaders, stays & runner tangs
  • running rigging
  • line & sail systems

4 YEAR Service
Our 4-Year Service includes the same thorough check as the yearly inspection with the addition of removing the mast from its shims in order to allow access to as many cold heads as possible for a visual inspection of their condition and to lubricate these areas. By jacking up the mast, rig loads can be checked and adjusted where necessary. Rig logs are updated or a maintenance report will be provided.
This inspection is followed by a report logging any items that need addressing.
  • Fittings visually inspected
  • Lubrication of all fittings that can be accessed while the mast is still in the yacht
  • Mast re-tuned
  • Sea trials
  • Rig log updated
  • Maintenance report issued

Full Service
The Full Service option entails unstepping and dismantling the spar(s) in order to undertake an in-depth inspection. This includes Non-Destructive Testing (NDT) by either Dye Testing or Ultrasound Testing on the rod rigging and thorough inspection of all other mast components including any composite rigging which is load-tested. Test results and observations will determine the extent of repairs that may be required.

  • Rig checked pre-service
  • Mast disassembled once unstepped
  • Rods ‘NDT’ tested
  • Composite stays ‘NDT’ tested
  • All necessary repairs made, mast reassembled and stepped
  • Mast re-tuned
  • Sea trials
  • Rig log updated

Our NDT testing (Non-destructive testing) includes dye testing the rod heading in order to detect any damage or splitting of the rod.


about the rigging shop
  • In house splicing
  • Stock of all kinds of lines
  • Leatherwork
  • Consulting

TRS has a large permanent stock of lines for running rigging, from the high-tech to the more traditional lines. We stock docklines up to Ø 44mm. All splicing and/or other line work is done in house, therefore we are able to supply on very short notice. We are equipped with a 10 meter splicing table designed specifically to handle all kinds of running rigging.

The Rigging Shop supplies different kinds of leather work in different colours. We supply, measure to size and design the cut to cover parts such as steering wheels, turnbuckles, cradles, tender chocks and chafe gear on lines.


about the rigging shop


  • Hydraulic servicing
  • Maintenance and installation of hydraulics
  • Consulting

The Rigging Shop carries out routine maintenance and service of all types of yacht hydraulic systems such as boom vangs, backstays, outhauls. We supply and recommend hydraulic systems for all types of yachts.



about the rigging shop
  • Supply of Rigging hardware
  • Supply of used parts
  • Consulting

All hardware, standard or custom made according to your specific needs.
The Rigging Shop offers a vast stock of everything rigging-related, such as shackles, blocks, tracks, cleats, spares for a variety of furling systems and winches, seal kits for hydraulic rams, stainless steel fasteners and other hardware, etc.

We also provide comprehensive and professional repair, service and maintenance to racing and cruising yachts whatever rigs they carry.